The University established IVDL in the Year 2014. This Institute was established to answer the need of the country and serve the nation in building its capacity in science and mathematics education. This institute served as a platform for demonstrating new technology- VIRTUAL TEACHING.

Diploma, Degree, Master Degree Programmes & Fast Track Programmes for in-service & pre-service students are offered through IVDL. IVDL has 10 Provincial centers throughout Zambia. They are located ar every provincial capital or important towns.

IVDL is Unique, since it is the only one in Zambia which telecasts its programme live in virtual mode. It offers in-service and pre-serviceprogrammes. The fast track programme is a boon for the in-service teachers in Zambia.

Programmes offered in Institute of Virtual and Distance Learning (IVDL)

Diploma in Primary Education

B.Sc. in Primary Education

B.Sc. in Secondary Education

B.A. in Secondary Education

Master of Education