My dear friends,

Welcome to DMI-St.Eugene University, Zambia
Education is the basis for all growth. It improves the facilities and skills of people and dramatically contributes to their well being.
DMI-St.Eugene University, Zambia is committed to offer excellent quality education at the most affordable cost. Our University strives it’s best to ensure that our programmes delivers the necessary skills to enable students develop a broad, integrated approach and become active participants in the socio-economic life of Zambia. We have a team of people dedicated to the service of the student’s community, diligent staff, modern equipments and facilities to create a dynamic environment with an aim to enhance intellectual excellence. DMISEU is established to imbibe knowledge and honing skills to the youth and prepare them to face global challenges. Our curriculum is designed to provide a unique opportunity to disseminate knowledge that is relevant and suitable to spearhead development. Our continuous high employability rate further augments the holistic development of our students and their potential. I have great pleasure to invite you to join our fold and join the learning platform that promotes academic research and provides an opportunity for upward social mobility.
With best wishes
Dr.T.X.A.ANANTH B.B.A., M.S.W., M.Phil., Ph.D.
President-University Council